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“I gave my 11th grader a copy of this book (320 SAT Math Problems Arranged By Topic And Difficulty Level) to prepare for taking the SAT. He says:

“This book really helped with learning the ways to go about studying for the SAT, as well as utilities to study with. It contains methodology and practice problems for both the adept, and advanced takers of the SAT. I believe that this book is capable of boosting scores of people at any level, as well as bringing some people to the perfect score. It contains sections ranging from topics about how to guess and pace yourself to how to use a calculator wisely and grid answers correctly.”

Note: My son is in the highest math in an International Baccalaureate program (an intense college prep program) and always scores in the 99th percentile on standardized math exams, yet he still found this book helpful and believes it will increase his math SAT score. He emphasized that it will help students at ANY level.”

UPDATE 11/6/13: My son took the SAT last month and scored 800 on math.

Katherine C. Hooper, Ph.D., University of North Florida

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